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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good morning, john. good morning, this is an angus steak and egg sandwich. it is a tremendous morning! angus, man! very tremendous! angus! dunkin's delicious new angus steak and egg sandwich makes any morning special. hurry in and treat yourself to one today. don't miss the delicious new angus steak and egg sandwich from dunkin' donuts. tonight, the tornado tragedy grows worse for one family as a toddler pulled from the rubble
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alive has died. as her grandfather speaks on losing his family, he and thousands of others are trying to figure out what comes next. good evening. i'm wendy rieger. it is the end of an emotional weekend for families across at least a dozen states. after two rounds of deadly weather ripped across tornado alley. but it's also just the beginning as they try to pick up these scattered pieces of their lives. jay gray has our report from henryville, indiana. >> reporter: there is an eerie silence that hangs over the emptiness here. a quiet that comes with nightfall. after a day filled with the sounds of survival. the whine of chainsaws, the rumble of frontloaders and backthose and the steady rhythm of so many sifting through the rubble by hand. >> people from everywhere are coming to help. >> reporter: searching for anything that may be left from lives shattered by the storm. >> everybody does a little bit, it'll get much better faster.
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>> reporter: for more than three dozen families, though, it can't get better. their loved ones aren't ever coming back. a group that now includes little 15-month-old angel babcock. first responders found the toddler fighting for her life in this field. her mom, dad, and two brothers already dead. today angel passed away, after being pulled from life support. her grandfather shared his emotions just before he made the agonizing decision. >> my pastor's going to go in with me, and we're going to pray over -- we're going to pray there, and i'm going to tell that little girl that -- i'm going to tell her that it's time for her to meet her mommy and daddy. >> reporter: it's the kind of heartache so many must work through now as they prepare for anything but a normal monday here. the message seems a bit obvious. most of henryville high school has been wiped away. but then there are signs across tornado alley of just how difficult it's going to be to
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survive. jay gray, nbc news, henryville, indiana. >> the cleanup is also getting more difficult for some parts of the south and the midwest now getting snow on top of it all. chuck bell is in storm center 4 with a look at that as well as the cold weather that we now have out there tonight. chuck. >> hey, windy, yes indeed, the cold weather has spent all day tay settling on in ahead of a little alberta clipper coming in here. you can see in fact that there are now snowflakes falling now right across the kentucky-indiana border where the largest loss of life occurred friday afternoon in that tornado outbreak. so insult to injury for those folks out across parts of the ohio valley. that alberta clipper is racing in our direction. winter weather advisories have been posted across much of southwestern and south central virginia for the day tomorrow. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. here are chuck's chances. at least a 70% chance of an inch of snow somewhere north of richmond. about a 40% chance of snowflakes reaching at least the southern end of the capitol beltway, though i don't think we'll have any accumulations around town. best chances to see the flakes,
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about 8:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. more of the details of that forecast and a look on down into the week ahead coming up in just a couple minutes. wendy? >> all right. thanks, chuck. well, what started as a routine traffic stop this afternoon in prince george's county ended with a chaotic multicar wreck in southeast d.c. this crash also involved a metro bus, and it sent several people to the hospital including children and a police officer. darcy spencer has more on all that and on the person who was arrested in all of this. >> reporter: it was a violent crash involving several cars and a metro bus in the middle of a busy intersection in southeast d.c. at least six people were sent to the hospital. it was a wild ride for passengers on that bus. >> you seem pretty shaken up. >> i'm very shaken up. >> were you trying to get somewhere today? >> to work. >> reporter: it started with a traffic stop in prince george's county. police there say the driver took off, then crashed here at pennsylvania and southern avenues on the d.c. county border. prince george's police say they did not pursue the car.
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>> i heard a lot of boom, boom. i look up, all this has happened. but the bus driver did a good job maneuvering over it. so we were pretty safe. >> reporter: at least one passenger on the metro bus had to be taken to the hospital. three children were injured in the crash. a responding st. george's police officer was injured when a driver did a uturn in front of them. the smashed cruiser with at least two floot tires was towed away. >> there were some respoofficer responding to assist their fellow officers. and i believe that was separate from this incident itself. >> reporter: passengers on the metro bus say it was struck on the side by one of the cars, breaking out glass. they say the driver forced the bus into this grassy area, avoiding a more serious collision. >> it could have been a lot worse than it is. it seems like it's a very bad accident but it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: the driver's been identified as 23-year-old rodney miller of southwest d.c. he's been charged with being a fugitive from justice, fleeing authorities, leaving the scene
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of a crash, and driving on a suspended license. police searched his car and recovered a number of items, including cash. that injured prince george's county police officer was treated and released from the hospital. this investigation is continuing. in southeast washington darcy spencer, news 4. a campaign volunteer for ward 7 council candidate kevin b. chafis is arrested for a fatal stabbing in the southeast. it happened just after 10:00 in the 3600 block of highwood drive. police say 37-year-old robert leroy wright was found with stab wounds. he was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. less than an hour later, 56-year-old ellsworth colbert, who volunteers for the chavous campaign, was arrested and charged with murder. chavous said in a statement, "i hope 9 allegations of mr. colbert's involvement in this killing are false but if they are true he needs to face whatever justice is handed down by the core." in decision 2012 we are just
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two days away from super tuesday, when ten states cast their pick for republican presidential candidate. fresh off a saturday caucus win in washington state, mitt romney picked up an endorsement from house mangt leader eric cantor. the congressman from virginia says romney has the best plan to make america financially strong. >> mitt romney is the only candidate in the race who's put forward a bold pro-growth, pro-jobs plan for the future. you know, a lot of the things that he's talking about in his plan we're working on in the house of representatives. >> cantor says he has no plans to run as romney's vice presidential candidate if romney does indeed get the nomination. the latest nbc marist poll, it shows that romney and rick santorum are neck and neck heading into super tuesday. in ohio santorum is ahead of romney 34% to 32%. with newt gingrich and ron paul trailing. in virginia romney leads ron paul by a huge margin, 69% to 26%. romney and paul are the only two
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republican candidates that virginia voters will be picking because the other candidates did not gather enough signatures to make it onto that ballot. today marked the 47th anniversary of the 1965 selma to montgomery voting rights march, often referred to as blood sunday. about 3,000 participants led by reverend al sharpton and reverend jesse jackson -- bloody sunday, rather-s what it's called. kicked off a five-day march today in alabama. the original march on behalf of minority voting rights began on march 7th, 1965. president obama spent the morning telling pro-israel activists that the united states supports israel and will do anything necessary to stop iran from getting nuclear weapons. the commander in chief spoke to the more than 13,000 people gathered for the annual policy conference for the american israel public affairs committee. during his remarks he appealed for israel to be patient with iran and to let sanctions have some time to work. but he also reiterated that if needed the united states is prepared to use force.
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>> i will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the united states and its interests. moving forward, i would ask that we all remember the weightiness of these issues, the stakes involved for israel, for america, and for the world. vladimir putin will return to the kremlin to be the president of russia for the next six years. putin scored a decisive but controversial win today in the russian election. he called it a victory over opponents who were intent on "destroying russia's statehood." while the win was never in doubt, many suspect that there was widespread ballot tampering. opposition protests are expected tomorrow night in moscow. at least 146 people are dead, hundreds still unaccounted for, after a weapons depot exploded today in the republic of congo. reports say hundreds could still be trapped inside buildings that collapsed. there are also countless people injured. the cause of that explosion
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still not clear. still ahead tonight, he was a straight "a" student with ties to our area. coming up, an interview with the father of one of the victims in the ohio school shooting. the search for this little dog's owner continues. he was found wandering on the beltway in the pouring rain. and what is that? this sight had police telling people to calm down. and tonight on "sports final" -- there's a new number one golfer in the world. rajon rondo and the celtics put the full-court press on linsanity. plus, big money for big hits. the redskins now at the center of an nfl controversy. that and more coming up on "sports final." [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere.
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rush limbaugh's apology to georgetown university law student sandra fluke isn't stopping advertisers from pulling out of his radio show. today pro flowers said it will no longer run commercials on limbaugh's show. the company says his comments "went beyond political discourse to a personal attack and do not reflect our values." pro flowers is now the seventh advertiser to pull out of limbaugh's show. since he made those offensive remarks about fluke over the birth control debate. a teenager who spent his early years in our area was among the three teens killed in that high school shooting in ohio last week. 16-year-old demetrius hewlin was a straight-a student with a love for sports and computers. and now his is the story of a life ended suddenly and too soon. derek ward reports. >> reporter: a story too often repeated. young people in school and suddenly they're victims. all too often at the hands of a peer and all too often families are left to grieve, lives ended
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too soon. while they were only doing what they should be, going to school. >> we just had a shooting at our school. >> a safe haven. you know, you would never get a phone call like i did, you know, saying that something happened at school. your son's been shot. that's a phone call that no parent want. >> reporter: 16-year-old demetrius hewlin was among the three students who died last week at chardon high school in ohio. 17-year-old t.j. lane is charged with murder and assault. investigators believe the shootings were random. demetrius and other students were seated at a table in the school cafeteria. >> he was, you know, with his -- his buddies and, you know, sitting down, talking. having just a leisure conversation. and next thing you know -- >> reporter: while divorce had separated father and son, the distance was just geographical.
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they still talked regularly. about school, about his growing interests in computers and athletics. and it was nothing for timothy to surprise his son by showing up on a birthday. but the last time he made that trip to ohio it was with much more urgency and no celebration awaited his arrival. >> and you get there and you see -- you know your son all happy and everything. and you get to see him this way, motionless, brain dead. that's not what i wanted to see. >> reporter: but there are the memories from birth to the first swim lesson, the trips, the times together that he now holds on to, those happier times of childhood. and there's the message buried amid the grief, how time together is not guaranteed. every shared moment precious. >> tell your child you love them because you never know, and i mean this, you never know when the last time you'll be able to
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see that child again. >> reporter: demetrius hewlin would have turned 17 on thursday. derek ward, news 4. >> and demetrius hewlin's funeral is scheduled for later this week in ohio, where he will be buried. a bethesda woman is looking for the owner of a little dog. the dog was found running around in traffic on the beltway. cheryl layhey says her electrician picked up this fox terrier during a rainstorm on friday. he told her the dog had been running around the old georgetown exit on the beltway and he asked if she could be taken to the pound. she was afraid he'd be put down if she took him there. the family's been watching out for the little guy and despite flyers and posts on the local list-serves, no one's come forward to claim him. >> just a sweet dog. i don't think he's -- i think somebody's missing him. >> did he have tags when he was found? >> no. he had no collar. he had no tags. but his teeth are clean. his nails are clipped. he was well groomed. and he wasn't hungry. so i don't think he was gone
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long. >> reporter: lahey says they've been calling the dog rex. ffrnlths it feels you've been forking over more cash every time you go to fill up your car it's because you are. gas prices are up 14% since the beginning of the year. 14%. the national average climbed to $3.74 a gallon. that's up nine cents from just last week. we're up 31 cents from just last year. high crude oil prices and concerns about the situation in syria and iran are partially to blame for this price spike. aaa says we can also blame the shutdown of oil refineries. >> just this time last year we've seen six refineries shut down on the east coast. two in the last month or so. and that has taken almost 1 billion barrels of oil out of circulation a day. >> experts believe we could see prices as high as $4.25 a gallon just by late april. take a look at this. an amateur photographer caught what many believe is a meteor on camera.
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police in the uk got a lot of calls about a bright light streaking across the sky last night. phil haslett used special motion detection software to take these pictures. some believe the streak was a burning airplane. that's always positive. but british police quickly tweeted out a message telling the public not to worry. it looks like it was just a heavenly body going across the sky. you're going to be surpriseed if you go out tonight because it is quite cold. >> old man winter sneaking a little sneak attack here into the month of march. very, very chilly air outside tonight. and the cold air's going to be sticking around all the way through at least the front half of the work and school week. so a cold start to the week for a real change. most of our winter wasn't all that chilly. but it will feel a lot more like winter time tomorrow morning. outside we have a partly to mostly cloudy sky over washington right now. clouds are going to be on the increase tonight. and we do still have a chance anyway of seeing some snowflakes here in town during the day tomorrow not expecting much of an accumulation. but anytime we can mention a snowflake chance here we've got to take it. 38 degrees right now here in
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washington. winds have eased up a bit now. out of the west at only 8 miles per hour. below freezing now across the panhandle of west virginia, northern parts of maryland, 34 now montgomery county, 32 manassas, 35 in falls church, 37 waldorf and la plata. factor in what little breeze we have left, and wind chills are in the mid to upper 20s for most of the western and northern suburbs. so a bundle up factor for sure first thing tomorrow morning. no advisories posted around our immediate area, but look at the big spread of winter weather advisories now that go from witch mond, virginia all along the virginia-north carolina border all over parts of southern west virginia. storm 4 radar is clear around our radar for now. but there are snow showers across southern pennsylvania. those are aiming into northern maryland over the next hour here. but the main system that we're watching is this area of low pressure. our little alberta cutter we've been following literally for the last seven days on the forecast. and here's the way we go. 9:00 tomorrow morning it's going to be going right along the virginia-north carolina border. so a chilly start. there's our little clipper system by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon throwing just enough moisture up into the washington
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area where we might see some snowflakes before everything starts to pull on out. the storm is going to be staying just a little too far south to get any accumulating snow here into the washington area. then a cold night monday night and sunshine and the warm-up begins by tuesday. on our microcast model here there you can see by noon tomorrow that little throw of snow chances, not a lot of accumulations but a little chance here late morning into early afternoon and then everything is over by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon and skies will clear out quick after that. so overnight cloudy and cold, passing snowflakes mainly west of i-95. then the chance for us seeing real snowflakes flying tomorrow. late morning into about lunchtime. highs tomorrow on the chilly side for sure. average high now is at 52. so tomorrow and tuesday well below average. but the south winds return tuesday night into wednesday. so wednesday into the 60s. thursday and friday upper 60s to near 70 again. >> oh, good. because this is a shock to the system. so it is nice. >> a little reality check. >> thanks, chuck. coming up, whitney houston's daughter is set to speak
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publicly for the first time since her mother's death. and coming up in sports, the cavs and flyers put up a fight, whoever said that "less is more"
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and what you got? >> this is bad. >> what happened? >> it's bad? >> it's bad. >> how can it be bad? >> the capitals-flyers? i'm just disappointed. i'm just disappointed right now. everybody in d.c. i mean, this is the team we're trying to get behind. this is the team we're trying to rally around. >> what can we do? >> i don't know. >> is there someone i can call for you? >> you can call my wife and tell her that i'm going to be sad. okay? >> i think she's used to that. >> no, no, no. no, no. >> with sports in this town. you can't be a real happy guy. >> she's a happy woman. all right. let's talk about sports. if the season ended today, the capitals would miss out on the postseason. with a chance to jump into the eighth spot in the eastern conference tonight against fulla the capitals, well, they laid an
11:24 pm
egg for the second game in a row. former cap jaromir jagr in town. and the caps coming off a 5-0 loss against new jersey. first period troy brouwer lays a big hit on philly's eric gustafsson and scott hartnell doesn't take kindly to that. he drops the gloves with brouwer. gets a shot in. but troy brings him to the ice. the only highlight for the caps. second period, pavel kubina shoots, redirected by eric wellwood. that beats michal movieert. paul hewlett and george mason taking on -- in the semifinals. the rams came out on fire. troy daniels' three-pointer puts vcu up 21-0. they would lead by 16 at halftime. second half mason trying to come back. cornelius hits the three to cut the deficit to single digits.
11:25 pm
patriots down nine. here we go. 35 seconds to go. mason down eight. but morrison turns it over. thee ugs ahead to reddick. vcu wins it 74-64. the rams will face drexel tomorrow for a chance to punch their ticket to the big dance. still a heck of a season for george mason. college park, senior day for john mosley baron weiss and john dillard. maryland taking on virginia in their regular season finale. 13 seconds to play, terps down three, stoglund for the tie. buries it. tied at 61. we go to overtime. in o.t. cavs senior mike scott takes over. had a career-high 35 points in the game. maryland falls 75-72. and freshman nick foust had just one word to describe mike scott. >> pro. yeah. he's a pro. not much -- yeah. pro. not much you can do. i mean, you try to double him. still made shots. >> but what it really comes down
11:26 pm
to is mike scott. i mean, he was the best player on the floor. he made play after play after play. and you know, we tried to double him. so he just stepped out further. he was the best player. and that's why they won. >> maryland starts the acc tournament on thursday. they'll play wake forest. coming up on "sports final," the maryland women go for the acc title as they take on georgia tech. happy strasmas. plus a former redskins defensive coordinator under fire. the latest on the greg williams big hit big money controversy. that and more coming up on "sports final." and i am sad no longer. because i was just talking about "sports final." i've got a big old grin on my face. >> good. we like it when you're a happy guy. >> i'm a happy guy. >> you know wholesale is a happwho seles a happy guy? prince harry is a happy guy. we'll tell you why he's so happy
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well, no surprise, oprah winfrey got an interview with whitney houston's only child. her daughter bobbi kristina. that will take place later this month. it's an exclusive, will air march 11th on the oprah winfrey network. the network says bobbi kristina will talk about her mom and how she wants her to be remembered. she turns 19 today. well, it is good to be prince harry. he is down in the warm and sunny bahamas. harry delivered a speech today in nassau and then took off on a boat ride touring several other islands. this is his first trip to the island nation, part of his overseas tour celebrating queen elizabeth's 60th anniversary as the queen of england. tomorrow he departs for jamaica, and then he heads to brazil. not bad. next, why hundreds of women put on high heels in hopes of making the s
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heels and miniskirts and then hopped on their bicycles. they're trying to prove that it sounds dangerous. but that's the point. they want to show that it's safer to ride around mexico in heels than it is to try to ride through the city during the rush hour. doing it in a mainy skirt, i don't know about that. the women want to see more bike paths in the city and better laws to protect cyclists, which is important, as we're seeing in all cities as bicycling to work becomes much more common. not always dresd like that. "sports final" is next. news 4 today starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning. have a good one. >> bye now. i was paying too much with cable.
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